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March 12 08

Chinese women in their 80s love Kobe Bryant

kobebryant031208.jpgOr at least my landlord does. I have long known that she is a big fan of mahjong, having woken up many a morning to the sound of mixing tiles downstairs. But today, I found out she is also a fan of the NBA. I had just finished walking the dogs and was making my way upstairs. The landlord's living room door was open and Ozzie poked his nose in for a visit, as he often does (our landlord has become less afraid of dogs over the past year, so these visits last a little longer these days). I heard sports coming from her TV and walked inside to take a look. She told me she likes watching basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Toronto Raptors. "科比," she said, pointing to the TV screen. "科比打得很好."1

See a photo of our landlord here (second from the right).

1 "Kobe," she said, pointing to the TV screen. "Kobe plays very well."

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